Saturday, May 06, 2006

Moving Day

So how much worse could a day possibly go. First me and my roommate take friday off so I can get up to Montreal to finish packing. Six hours later and a meal in the belly and I find out the truck is in Rutland which is three hours south of Montreal, not near Burlington as I thought it was. So back in the car we get and down to Rutland we go. Managed to spend a total of 5 hours in Canada. So we ended up crashing the night at a nice cheap hotel, yes they do exist, then picked up the truck. Dropped the car off in Burlington as there really was no need to drive it all the way to Montreal. So of course it starts raining at this point and then I get massive cramps. My father and roommate did most of the loading. I still managed to help a fair amount, running up and down stairs. I think my knees are getting better as they really didn't give me any problems. I am still trying to be very nice and patient with them. At this point, the truck is loaded and I am feeling somewhat better, I give the cat some Gravol to calm him down for the ride. Giving a cat a pill is not a fun thing to do, especially a big male cat. I had some trouble getting my hand around both sides of his face to hold his jaw open. Eventually got it in. He still complained, very vocally, for the first part of the trip. At this point, as the day had been mostly bad, I am assuming the worst for the border crossing. They barely checked the truck out. In fact, they didn't even open it up, just took my work for it that is contained household goods. At least that part of the day went well. And eventually the sun came out, making me feel better. Unloading will happen tomorrow. Not sure if anyone will come as all my friends have said they couldn't make it. Oh well, at least the truck is not full.


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