Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The dangers of IKEA

I discovered IKEA yesterday and I heard my bank account scream in agony. The store has some very nice things. I like the fact that they have similar items in all price ranges. Can't afford the 300$ table, buy the 100$ instead. Can't afford 4 chairs, get 2 now and 2 later. I wandered around the store trying to find the perfect chairs to match the nice birch table I bought from the old tenets. They had several styles, and prices. I didn't want a pre-padded chair as I thought it would be hard to keep clean so that limited it down some. I also wanted all wood and it had to be birch to match, and that brought it down to 2. I chose what I felt was the nicer of the two. I also bought nice seat pads and felt pads for the feet. I also discovered a lot of other things I would really like to have from IKEA but just can't afford right now. So, like any good addict, I carefully jotted down those items in a list, then promptly forgot the list in the cart at the cash register. Oh well, guess I will just have to go back. I will have to go back anyways as one of the chairs I bought had a few problems with it. Mostly they were asthetic but I can be anal retentive that way and it would have bothered me.

While I was at IKEA, I decided to read the little sale sheet for my new table. I was mostly curious as to how many people they claim can be sat comfortably around the table. Seems the table can handle 8 people without the leaf and 10 with the leaf in. Not too shabby. I think I want to have a sushi and bad Japanese movie night. Well, maybe I will try to find something good to watch. Although, a bad movie watched with alcohol in the system and a large group of poeple could be fun. In the mean time, I only have three assembled chairs and one awaiting an exchange. I will take care of the exchange next weekend and also pick up a few other little things I had seen and wanted. Oh dear, the addiction is growing.


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