Thursday, April 27, 2006

Cellularly Enabled

I finally have a cell phone again. It is nice to have one but I miss my old one. The Samsung phone was really nice but the Sony-Ericsson I now have is also very nice, just smaller and lighter than the old phone. So far the user interface is also okay. There area few quirks to get used to, as in the phone is laid out opposite to the phone I had so I keep trying to press the clear button instead of the send button. But all in all, I didn't have to read the manual yet to learn how to do something. I am not sure I like my ringtone, or if I even remember what I chose for a ringtone. All of the ringtones where rather garish or hard on my ears. I may have to look into downloading a ringtone that is decent and memorable. So now the major thing to do is slowly build up the contacts file again. I have very few peoples phone numbers and I need to change that.


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