Sunday, May 07, 2006

Rude Awakenings

So there I am, trying to enjoy the early morning quiet in a blissfully drousy state, when the cat starts chirping at the door. And yes I do mean chirping. So now I am wondering who taught my cat that it is okay to start chirping at 5:30 in the morning. After a few minutes, he decides meowing would work better and at that point I get up and let him in. Then I lay back down hoping to find that sleepy calm. But to no avail. The cat is trying to get into the sleeping bag with me then trying to rub me with him wet nose. So much for getting any more sleep. I managed to lay there for a while longer before I could no longer take the cat's insistance on attention. I got up and started cleaning out my room. I decided I wanted to wash the floor in there before moving all my furniture and things in there. I figure it will be the only time the floor will get washed. Of course, the cat leaves lots of little footprints on the floor in retaliation for not paying enough attention to him. Such a needy cat.


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