Monday, March 20, 2006

Potential Apartment Sighting

What a weekend. I think in total, we went to see 9 apartments from Friday to Sunday and I have another appointment set up for tonight. Of those 9, 2 where definite takers and it boils down to which will offer us the better set up. One will only allow 1 cat which is not very good since I have 2, they also have a crazy to access basement which would make storing the kayak very hard. But they had a totally renovated kitchen with new applicances and a new, huge bathroom.

The other potential taker is a two floor place with a nice large kitchen and mostly easy access to the basement, the door is short. The land lady will even allow off-street parking when we asked about it. So in the end there is really nothing against the second place but a few strikes against the first place. A decision will have to be made tonight once we see the last place. I am ever so grateful to have company while looking at all these apartments. I think I would have given up several apartments ago. So at this point I guess I am in the finally stretch. Hopefully, I will have a place to move into when I get back from DC. The landlords will be told tomorrow what the decision is and from there is cutting cheques and signing leases. Then I have to arrange for a bit of time off to go up and get my stuff and figure out how to get it all down as cheaply as possible.

In the end, I am completely exhausted from all the running around and will be looking forward to having a place and taking a relaxing weekend, which this next one will not be. The business trip to NIH will involve me working this weekend and getting Monday off as that is the day I fly back on. Basically, I will either have comp-time or over-time this week.


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