Thursday, March 16, 2006

Chemical Training

Nothing like starting a new job and having to go through all the training programs again. This is made even more sad by the fact that I started a job in January that just wasn't working out. So now I am staring another job and having to go through many of the same training sessions. At least this job looks and feels so much better. I actually can't wait for this job to get rolling as there are many interesting aspects to the research that I want to learn about and potentially even get a project in. But in the mean time, I spent about 2 1/2 hours learning about chemical safety and what not to mix. As the training session started at lunch time, everyone was encouraged to bring lunch and eat there. I managed to stay alert and with it for the first half of the session, but then we got another instructor for the second half of the training session and he nearly put me to sleep. Actually, I think he would have if I wasn't fighting so hard to stay awake. It was hard because I was tired, I had jsut eaten and his voice tended to drone a little. It didn't help that I couldn't hide in my chair and take a nap. The room was set up so that everyone can see the lecturer which meant they can see you. Makes for harder hiding.

I managed to book about a dozen apartment showings for the weekend. Hopefully there will be a gem in there somewhere. I am a little sick of looking especially when we see a tiny little place for a high rent or a large place for a resonable rent but where there is a stupid layout or repairs are needed. I don't think I am being unreasonable in wanted hardwood floors, a lrage kitchen and off-street parking. Storage for my kayak and the desire to have my cats with me are also required. I guess I will see what the weekend has in store for me. It is going to be a very hectic weekend, we have to look at placces, run down to Providence to get my aquariums and some friends are having an equinox party. Should be a crazy weekend.

Oh and Happy Birthday, you know who you are.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who, Me?

No, can't be me. Nopers. _MY_ birthday is 30 February . . . .

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