Monday, March 13, 2006

Apartment Hunting, Still

Spent most of the week and weekend looking for an apartment with my boyfriend. I am really glad to have company on this task as it means there are two sets of eyes to look for any flaws in the apartments that may make them unbearable to live in. So far there are two niceish ones that we have seen that may be possibilities especially if nothing better comes up. One of them has everything on the list of wants and needs. The only deficiency it seems to have is that the kitchen is small and as an eat-in-kitchen that is not good. There is not much counter space but the rest of the apartment is huge and there is a loft like space on the second floor. And did I mention it has two floors. It really is a nice place and I am sure a little creative furniture placement and it would be great. The other place is much more expensive and is of a resonable size. It is over two floors also, but in a more annoying way. It does have the ability to have a dining area and computer room with livingroom. Unfortunately, no off-street parking.

So in finally got my computer up and running. It is still a little bare-bones right now, but it is getting there. Finally things are dropping back into place and I am relearning my operating system again. Seems that four months on the trail made me forget many things. I am also having to relearn how to use the dvorak keyboard and so I am in slow typer mode. It is a little painful but it seems to be coming back. It really doesn't help that at work I use Qwerty. I figure by tonight or tomorrow, the computer will be up and runner better than it was before I started. The only problem I can foresee is trying to get the 3D acceleration up and running as that has always been a problem in the past for my install. I guess I will see soon enough.


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