Sunday, March 19, 2006

Equinox Party

I was trying to get in touch with a couple of friends for a diner and movie night but unfortunately she was busy with work. Fortunately they were having an equinox party the next night so in the end it worked out. In the end, Saturday afternoon and even was a crazy day. It actually felt like one day in and of itself with the morning being another day. A nap would have made the perfect break to the two in one day but no nap was had. In the end, misery loves company. My boyfriend and I had two apartments to see, although one fell through. We then had to run down to Providence in his company's pickup so I could get my aquariums from my ex. That didn't really go well. It didn't help that he seemed to be purposely pissing me off via email so I would get angry with him. Anyway, I got the last few things of mine from him that he didn't give away. I will be surprised if the fish survive the trip. They are in somewhat scummy water and the stress of the trip plus new water might put them over the edge. Then we went to get a friend and had some chocolate therapy to help soothe the pissed off feeling we were both experiencing. That helped a lot. Chocolate helps makes eveything better.

Then the party. We ended up being fashionably late due to the drive back from Providence. We had arrived just as a drining game was starting so I jumped into that with a Smirnoff Ice. The game was ring of death, I think. Must have been quite the game if I don't remember. I do remember having a great time, and drinking two Smirnoff Ice's. I was in no pain. It was great to see Some of the Providence people again and a friend was up from Delaware who I hadn't seen since I left Providence. All in all it was a nice evening to play catch up. Hopefully they can come to an apartment warming party when I finally settle in. We ended up leaving first but it was getting late and it had been a long day. Today is going ot be hard as there are more apartments to see and now I am really exhausted from lack of sleep. Alcohol does not help me to sleep any better.


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