Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Passport woes

So I went to the dentist last night and he is on vacation. I tried the Doctors office but the nurse told me it had been too long, although I disagree with that. According to Passport Canada, as long as they have known me for 2 years and remember me today, that is good enough for them. So I tried my other dentist this morning, but she is not in until 1:00, and I will be going to my old university at lunch in the hopes taht a non-retired teacher still remembers me. This is starting to get right down to the wire. Hopefully someone will come through today and then I can run my papers over to the passport office. That will be fun as I forgot my old passport at home and that has to be presented at the same time. So I will have to run to the south shore, get my old passport, run back into town and drop off the papers, then get back to work. Guess that will learn me. Plan ahead. Get the papers signed in advance then present them later. The person who normally signs them is overseas on a business trip and mostly unreachable.

So an old professor did come through for me. My passport papers are signed and I gave them in to the passport office. One saving grace was that although the line was long, I was the next called as I had filled the forms out online. That was really sweet. So if all goes well, I will be getting my new passport on Thursday and I will be driving down Friday. Which leaves the next big thing to get being my visa. The papers came today but unfortunately no one was home to receive them so they will try again tomorrow. I always hate going through the border, especially when I have paperwork that needs processing. I really hope I don't forget anything. I should start a checklist. Hows that for a guarantee of forgetting something, this way I will know exactly what I am forgetting.

I am absolutely exhausted from all the running around I had to do today to get my passport stuff processed. I borrowed a metro pass and that helped a lot. Maybe I will sleep well tonight, otherwise maybe I will be buzzed on adrenaline and endorphins.


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