Wednesday, March 08, 2006

First few days

So the first few days of the new job are going well, so far. I had very little to do on Monday, mostly just filling out papers and running around getting an id card and email account. Tuesday was not much more exciting as I had new employee orientation and a benefits orientation. The highlight was the free lunch, unfortunately. The lady running the computer for the first presentation could not work it and accidentally closed powerpoint then couldn't open it again. It was quite painful to watch. There were only three people in the audience and myself and another guy managed to get her back on track without getting up and doing it for her. Today was okay if a little boring. I am still in learning mode so I really don't have anything productive to do. I got a few articles to read and I am still getting the computer up to par with more programs I feel I will need in the future.

Speaking of computers, I finally got my computer sort of up and running. At least it now boots up without the bootdisk, which is always a good thing. This means I can now proceed with the next stage of the install. I am in the process of reinstalling Gentoo, and they have changed their instructions a little. So that gave me a few problems. I ended up having to do the install twice. At least it took the second time with a little fiddling. So now I am installing the graphical component, which in the past has always been the most fiddly part of the install due to a no quite compatible nVidia card. Oh well, I shall see what happens this time.


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