Friday, March 03, 2006

I made it to Boston

So I finally got my passport yesterday, went to the bank and got money, then packed. This morning was the last of the packing and cleaning then loading the car. I always hate passing through the border but this time it was almost trivial. They barely looked at the letter, which was very well written actually. They didn't seem to look at my diploma, which they have always demanded to see the original in the past. They took a photo and index prints and way I went. So I am now eligible to work in Boston at Harvard for one year. That was the least stressful crossing I have ever experienced. Once I hit the Boston area, I went to a grocery store and picked up a few things for suppers and lunch like things for during the week. I also now have a bus pass that my boyfriend picked up for me. I think I am set to go.

I emailed a few friends who are in the area and maybe I will be able to meet up with them sometime soon. I think that the best time to see a lot of people will be when I have an apartment warming party. I hope I don't have trouble finding a place. Maybe once I get settled in a bit, I will try to go to the knitting thing at Brown every once in a while. I also want to get back on the trails soon. I will check on every once in a while but I may have to post to get what I want.

I am trying to make a somewhat special supper this evening for my boyfriend since it is his "birthday" (read Feb 31) today. I picked up a few ingredients for something that is really easy to make. Basically roast a few potatoes and sweet potatoes and pork roast and eat. I couldn't find any salt and pepper. I am not sure he has any. Oh well. It will still turn out, but who doesn't own salt and pepper? Good thing I made the pie at home this morning.


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