Friday, February 24, 2006

Great news!

I got the job. No more waiting on the edge of my seat. They called me last night to make a verbal offer and send over some pre-paperwork to be filled out. So I just need to decide on a date and they will send me the official offer. I also still need to get a passport and I need to find someone who is able to sign off on my forms. Since I haven't been in the province for a while, this is proving harder than I thought it would. I am now looking at apartment listings online but I really think it would go better if I was down there. So I will have to see what happens. I may be going down before I find a place and stay with friends or my boyfriend then start looking for a place. Then I can move my stuff down at a more leisurely pace. If they are okay with my doing that I could be going down in as little as a week. I will have to put a rush on the passport though meaning paying extra. Oh well. I should have thought about this before my father went overseas and had him sign the forms.

I really can't wait to start the new job. This one has me really bummed in so many ways. I am having ethical problems with the way they are dealing with the animals. And that is really not good as I now really don't want anything to do with the work in any shape or form. Although this place had some really nice benefits, Harvard has even better ones. Fridays off during the summer seemed kind of cool but if everyone I know if working, who would I spend that time with or would I end up at home twiddling my thumbs. I am sooo excited right now even though I am at work, bummed about having to go forward with yet another horrible experiment.


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