Monday, February 27, 2006

Freedom! Almost

So I gave notice at work today. They took it better than I thought they would, but then I guess what can they do. I didn't want to work out the week but I did agree to work until Thursday. Not sure that was a good idea. I still need to find someone who can sign my passport papers. Tomorrow is the latest before I start having real problems. I need to get it in tomorrow and back on Thursday so I can leave for the States on Friday. I hate going through the border but at least going through on a week day is better and I can always call Harvard if there is any problem. Plus it will give me the weekend to start looking for an apartment.

Another reason to go down on Friday is that I wanted to do something special for my boyfriend. And since he keeps telling me his birthday is February 31st, which is this Friday. I decided it would be a nice surprise to celebrate it then rather than on the actual date, which I did finally get out of him. I did find out he really dislikes surprises so if he is reading this, this should allay his fears of me pulling some horrible prank on him. Since he keeps swearing by February 31st as his birthday then that is what he shall get. Not sure what to get him as a gift though. I'm sure something will stand out for me.


Anonymous PackApe said...

Ah, sweetie -- you are something else. THIS is why I love you -- a birthday party on the 31st of February . . . if only you knew that I don't celebrate birthdays in the normal course of life -- I get older, but not so much wiser. I think this year must be the exception; I feel like there's actually something to celebrate, if I get to celebrate with you . . . . -- the BF

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