Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Another boring day of waiting

So I am still waiting for some word from Harvard that they want to hire me. I feel like I am sitting on needles and the suspence is killing me. I really want to have an offer in my hands right now so I can start planning things and prepare to go. I am in limbo right now and I still have to go to work and pretend I want to be here and like my job. I am actually totally not right for this position and I am bored. I don't care about the research and I don't understand what it going on. While the guy is more than happy to explain, in great detain, how epoxy works, no one has explained what I am doing and how it is relavent to anything.

Just to add to the pile of boredom, I am sick too. I mostly only have a mildly sore throat and runny nose but I think it will get worse before it gets better. I have the chills and really just want to go home and crawl back into bed. My day doesn't really seem that bad when compared to by boyfriend who is looking forward to a root canal so he can get away from the hassels of work today. That is pretty bad. I have to collect samples which involves 5 minutes of work every half hour. So in the breaks I have to look busy. I am putting references in the computer but I am running out of them. I keep checking my email in the hopes that I get an offer but that only takes so long to do. So in the end I am bored and sick and tired.

I went to see "8 Below" last night. It was a very good movie if you just wanted to be entertained but I did notice that the sunlight in the seasons seemed to be off. There is a part of the movie when it is night in the fall and the sun has yet to set, which is mostly accurate. It is the time when it is winter and the sun is high in the sky and bright. In the Antarctic in winter, the sun barely if at all rises. In my opinion this was a glaring plot hole and while I am sure the director didn't want to be shooting at night, they could have shot in twilight. In the end I did enjoy the movie and the dogs were very well trained and just made the film come alive. The cgi seal was scary though both from a graphics point of view and from its image. I wonder if leopard seals really look that mean and imposing.


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