Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The weather and my day has gone downhill

So sadly, we are now into the more seasonally accurate weather. So when we had a fire alarm yesterday, of course I hurried back to the office to pick up my coat, gloves scarff and hat. I managed to forget to grab my bag though and now I can't remember if it was even here when I grabbed the scarf. In any case, it was definitely gone when I got back. So my journals, iPod and ID card are missing. At least I had my wallet in my coat which I was wearing at the time. The iPod, although it will be missed is replaceable. It is the journals with snippets of stories and shorts in it that will be dearly missed. I had also finally decided to by a Moleskine notebook and unfortunately that was in the bag too. So now I am in a real funk. I couldn't motivate myself to work before but now it is really bad. I just don't want to do anything. I guess I need to put things in perspective. I just found out that a good friend will be spending 6 hours in a dental chair to have some serious work done. All I have to do is sit in the office and pretent to look busy, moving to the other room every once in a while to check on the rats and ensure the samples are flowing okay.

I got to watch "Tristan and Isolde" last night. It was an relatively good movie. There was enough to keep you interested and distracted me from my earlier problem. I do find myself wondering if the theater ever changes the rally annoying ads at the beginning of the film. So far they have been playing the same very annoying ad about a hotel that is not a hotel, and the pink panther/phone ringing in the theater ad. At least with the second ad, I have been finding new and amusing things to look at within the ad itself. For instance, the kid sitting beside the Inspector starts to smile when his phone starts vibrating, then a hand touches her knee to warn her not to. And in the row behind him, when he falls to the floor, they sit up and look over to see him better. And the row after that I just noticed another kid reacting to him also. In the end it is an extremely annoying ad but by breaking it apart I can find amusement in it while ignoring the whole.


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