Monday, February 13, 2006

A very Grand weekend

I had a good friend up from Boston that I had met at several Arisia's and just bumped into again at this years Arisia. We had a nice relatively relaxing weekend, lazing about and watching "Firefly". I had never seen the show before, probably because I haven't really watched TV for several years. So we were watching the season from DVD which means no commercial interruptions. I had watched the movie "Serenity", that is based on the show at Arisia. It was very good, with well done humour, and made me want to see the show. We also went out to experience some traditional Montreal food, namely poutine and smoked meat. We even had time to go to another Montreal landmark of Cinema du Parc and watched "Hair High". A very interesting and strange movie. I am not sure I really understand what happened at the end but it was entertaining and oddly interesting. Since I had never driven there myself, I ended up parking a bit far away and we walked up. The wind definitely had a nasty bite to it but it wasn't that cold.

I also finally went out and bought a network cable long enough to connect from the hub in the computer room to the computer in my room. Required about 50 feet of cabling. But at least now I have the potential of internet access in my room. Now all I have to do is get the computer working and recognizing that there is internet. It is time for a reinstall and upgrade.

I think my hair has almost recovered from the 6 inches I had cut off before leaving to go hiking. It hasn't hit the annoying length yet so I have left it to keep growing. I mostly keep it bound up in a braid so it doesn't really matter how long it gets just so long an I am not sitting on it. I think that will be too long for me. I actually like this length as I can braid it up and wrap the braids around my head. Cute hair style for Arisia and Ren Faire's but not really suited for everyday wear which is probably good as it takes a while to put it up like that.


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