Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A Job Interview! Yay

So I have a job interview this Friday at Harvard. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they want me. I am going on the assumption that they do as they are willing to fly me down to interview and see the labs. That means that the phone interview went well and they liked what my references had to say. I am hoping there is not much animal work to do but I know there will be a little. I guess at this stage of the experience game I will likely only be appealing to people who want animal experience. Maybe this time I will work towards getting a Master's part-time so I can try to move on.

I went to see "Nanny MacPhee" last night. My father is out of town and my mom wanted company and was unwilling to watch "Evolution: Underworld". It was a feel good movie but the ending was just dripping in fairy tale ending sugar. It was quite cute though and the story flowed rather nicely, except for the dancing donkey.

I am excited about going down to Boston again. I really do believe I have more friends down there than I do up here in Montreal. Also there are more opportunities open to me and the social life will be all English. I really am getting very sick of my inability to learn French. Although I think that even if I did learn French right now I would still not go out and do anything. I feel repressed by living in the Montreal area. Almost treated like a second-class citizen. I am sick of being looked down on for not being able to learn French. It is a difficult language to learn and I am not alone. So this time, I will look into ways to get a permanent card for the States and stay for longer and get a life.


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