Sunday, February 05, 2006

It's Spring here!! Not

Wow, what is up with this weather. For the last few days, the weather has been almost spring-like. The temperatures have been hovering just above the freezing mark and it has been raining most of the weekend. Which has the potential to be very bad as the temperatures are supposed to drop to below freezing over the next few days and that could make for some very icy walking. The rain did help diminish most of the snow and all the roads are clear which is a plus. I just hope next weekend has good weather.

I tried to hook my computer up to the internet in order to download some files and podcasts and to install some programs. Sounds easy right? Well no, for some reason, what worked a few weeks ago now no longer works. Not only goes the computer refuse to have anything to do with my iPod, it refuses to run OpenOffice, and now it refuses to acknowledge the internet. I was trying to resist having to reinstall Gentoo but I may just have to do that, as there seem to be an accumulation of problems and things that are seriously annoying me. I love Linux, but sometimes it can be a pain in the butt and I am so rusty right now that I can't remember half of what I am supposed to do to get it to see the internet. Guess that is what happens when you go off and hike for 4 months and don't use a computer.

I finished the second report in a series of three reports for BackPackGearTest. They give me free gear if I test it and write up three reports over six months. It is a really cool way of doing it as the tests are carried out by the people who are mostly likely to go out and buy the gear. The companies also get unbiased comments back as we are not really being paid to say good things about their gear. I just wish I could test more gear right now. I have only been applying for items that I feel I can honestly test even though they are items I probably wouldn't buy otherwise. I really did want the snowshoes as I felt I could give them a good test run but with all this rain, it is probably just as well that I didn't get selected for the test.


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