Monday, February 20, 2006

What a wonderful weekend

I had a really great weekend. I got to spend some quality time with my boyfriend and we also got to go to the New England Aquarium. I had been to the aquarium before with my brother years ago, but it was really nice to go back. They have a really awesome tank in the middle of the building that houses part of a coral reef. It comes complete with sharks, sea turtles, baracuda, and various other fish. It even has a few scuba divers to finish off the image. The flight was nice too. It is much easier to spend one hour flying and two hours waiting for the flight then driving for five and a half hours.

I made it back to my absolutely favourite restaurant in the Boston area, Blue Ribbon BBQ. I found the place purely my chance on year when driving around in a bad storm woth my brother trying to find an open restaurant to have supper at. Although it looked like a garage, it was too late for a garage to be open so in we went. And the smell that hit us was amazing. The food was great and while it was served fast, is anything but fast food. I really wish they would open more locations that are easier to get too. By car, it is relatively easy to get to, but on foot it was not as easy. We caught a bus there then had to wait in the cold to get a bus back. And it was really cold. The wind was cutting to the bone and there was no shelter from the wind either.

So if I get this Harvard job, I have to put in a rush to get another passport. My current one expires in just a few months and for visa purposes I think I need to have a valid passport for the term of the visa. That should prove interesting as the person who normally signs my papers is overseas right now. They will be getting back after I would be due to leave. Seems that it is possible to fill out the forms online then print up the documents and send them in. I have filled out most of the forms and just need to find 2 people willing to vouch for me and verify the information.


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