Friday, February 03, 2006

Job Interview

So I finally had another job interview. I am really looking forward to getting another job as I really hate the one I currently have. I have not had any success in the Montreal area and haven't heard back from the Alberta people, which is a shame as that position sounded really cool. I have been looking again in the Boston area and just had a phone interview for a position at a university in the Boston area. I hope it pans out but I would rather hope that one of the big companies I applied too comes through too as there seems to be more opportunities there. I am sure they would pay much more than academia too.

I wasn't sure I wanted to head back to the States but after going down for Arisia I realised that I missed the area. I also have more friends down in Boston than I have here. And there is no language issue to worry about. It would also mean that I could become more involved in Arisia which would be cool to do.


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