Sunday, January 29, 2006


So I finally got to try snowshoeing. I had tried it once before but it was on ice with a thin layer of snow over top. Not really snowshoeing. This time there wasa thick layer of snow and it was the wet heavy kind. The snow stuck to the snowshoes and made for heavy lifting but it was a beautiful day and quite mild out. I drove over to Ontario to visit with my brother and he had access to some army snowshoes. They were old school and heavy but they were still pleasant to use and gave me an idea of what it was like. I think I will be keeping an eye out for a cheap pair of snowshoes in the future. We had gone to Algonquin Park and decided to follow an unploghed road that supposedly led to a lake. We never made it to the lake but at least the path was nice and wide. We could walk side by side and chat on the walk. I guess I am losing the hiking muscle mass as I did have to stop for somewhat frequent breaks but that snow was heavy lifting. I did figure out that I can kick my feet a little to knock some of the snow off, whch helped a lot. I also tried to take a picture of the trail and trees and discovered I had 24 exposures and not 36. Oh well. At least now I can find out what is on the film. I will also drop in a black and white and try to get some nice winter shots on that.

I got to spend some time with my brother whis weekend as I had to deliver his christmas gift that didn't fit in his car. Good thing I have a roof rack but boy does a box on the top of the car really do a number on the gas mileage. I had a four hour drive on a mostly full tank and had to fill up about half an hour from my destination. Normally I can do a 5 hour trip to Boston on that much gas but not this trip. At least the weather was good for the drive there even if it was awful on the way back. It had started snowing earlier this morning. I did manage to beat the worst of the snow and winds but it was a harrowing drive as the car is not winter equiped. I rally do need to start thinking about winter tires but hopefully I can delay that purchase until next winter. The bank accout will barely support me getting a bus pass for next month as I am in the process of paying back my father for the money he lent me on the car. I am almost finished so not a big deal. The faster I pay him off the sooner I can put away for myself. It means living on next to nothing for the next few pay cheques thogh. I think I can manage it.


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