Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Complete Job Hatred

Ok, so after barely three weeks at my new job I have come to absolutely hate it and the guy I am working with. Normally it takes me a few months to feel I donèt like the job but I have never had a problem with the people I work with. Until now. I can't stand the fact that he talks down to me like I am a kid, and lectures me on every little point on the fine details of the job. Am I on crack to hate this kind of treatment? He has inspired no interest in the research. Normally I like to know what I am working on and try hard to do my job well, but in this case, I canèt be bothered trying anymore as I know he will fault me in everything I do. I really need a new job. There are not that many postings in the Montreal area, so I am thinking of moving back down to the Boston area. There are many more openings listed and hopefully something will come up soon.

I went to see "Hoodwinked" last night. It was a cute movie aimed for kids but it had its good points. I am not sure it was worth the 6$ to see it at the theater though. I hope I see a better movie next Tuesday. Tuesday has become movie night for us and it is quite nice. We now sit down and read the silly sex column in the Montreal Mirror while waiting for the movie to start. Sometimes the column is funny and other times it is just dry. Not much else to read in the paper as I am not very much interested in the events that are happening. I should keep an eye on them in case something interesting is going on.


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