Saturday, September 24, 2005

James Fry Shelter 24Sep05 Day100

I decided to be lazy and only do 8 miles. I am regretting it now but for no other reason than I should have done more since I could have. Actually, this shelter has a fair amount of noise from traffic and a dog. Also, it would have been cool to pass the halfway point.

The weather has been very iffy today. Mostly grey and overcast, threatening to rain but not raining. At least it was nice and cool. Perfect for hiking. It was rather cool this morning which made getting up quite dfficult. It is hard getting up when no on e else is around to see how late I am getting up.

I have been almost completely vegetarian while on the trail as meat is hard to keep and heavy. I do eat meat in town when I can. I think my intestines are protesting this as they gurgle most of the time. It makes from some interesting noise at bedtime.

I missed the road with the ice cream store. I was moving faster than I thought I was. They really should mark the roads so we know where we are. It was too cool today for ice cream but I thought I would get a pint. It will have to wait until tomorrow.

I figure I am about 6-7 days from Harper's Ferry. I am torn whether I should continue or not. I fluctuate day by day. I figure 70 days more will finish it if I don't stop. Time and my back will tell.



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