Friday, September 23, 2005

Alex Kennedy Shelter 23Sep05 Day99

Although I promised myself slower days with less miles, today I find myself doing 18 miles. Mostly it was due to a camping restriction on those 18 miles and also laziness. The weather was looking like rain and the camp site at 14 miles would require I set up the tarp then pray it didn't rain too hard as I may get wet. Instead, I walked the 4 more miles to a shelter that may have been dry. Good thing it had water or I would have been very upset. I waashed my feet as they were looking very dirty due to my wearing no socks. They are almost tough enough to handle it. I do still have problems with rocks getting in and being a bother.

Tomorrow I will have an opportunity to join the half gallon club. I am unsure I wish to do it as it seems a silly tradition. The point is to eat 1/2 a gallon of ice creamas 1/2 the trail has been completed. I am not sure it is worth either the money or the belly ache I am sure I will have upon completion. I have not done any of the other trail traditions, like mooning the cog rail. And neither do I want to hike 50+ miles in one day to do the 4 state challenge. I maybe passing the 1/2 way point tomorrow if I push out 16 miles.



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