Thursday, September 22, 2005

Darlington Shelter 22Sep05 Day98

I feel like I am really starting to slog. Although I can push out the miles, I really don't feel like doing it anymore. I am not sure if it is the boring terrain of if it is just time to go home. I am going to Boiling Springs tomorrow then push on to Harper's Ferry. I will decide then if I really want to keep hiking the AT or if I am happy with what I have accomplished. I will have over 1100 miles under my belt at that point. More than half of the trail. I still think it might be nice to take the long trail home just to see if a change of terrain was needed. But I think my body really needs a rest too. Although my pack is probably at its lightest now, my back has been giving me some problems. If I stop while I am ahead then maybe I will still like camping and hiking. I can always come back some other time and finish the trail. It is a rather difficult decision as I am quite interested in continuing and seeing the places I read about in the AT guide book. But I have been pining for home for a while now so it may be it is time to think about it. I have until Harper's Ferry to decide to try to keep going or if I want to go home. I could always do the Shenandoahs to see if a terrain change was in order. I am hiking alone for the next bit. Time to make decisions, finish my good book and try to keep writing.



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