Monday, September 19, 2005

Peter's Mt Shelter 19Sep05 Day 95

I thought about doing the 6 more miles to the next shelter but 17b miles over this terrain is about my limit. The rocks seem to be getting better but they are still present in enough quantities to still kill my feet. I am accumulating a number of aches and pains that do not seem to want to go away. I have a mystery pain in my thumb knuckle that may be from my hiking poles but I am not sure. It had made doing some things more challenging. Tomorrow is 11 miles to Duncannon. I am planning a zero but no one else is lo I will be alone after Duncannon. I really need the break.

The weather is cooler now which has been nice. It still gets hot at midday but it starts off cool in the morning. The cooler weather keeps the bugs at bay. They start being a bother in the afternoon once it has sufficiently warmed up. They are very annoying as they buzz around my ears or hover in front of my face. I have to swat them away. I t I miss they keep buzzing around. They also like to fly into peoples eyes but I have glasses si I am protected.

This selter is very nice. It has a loft, the picnic table is inside. The water has stone steps down to it. That was the only down side to this shelter. The water is down about 300 steps and is barely running. At least there was water. This whole shelter looks like a labour of love though. I filled up 2 gallon jugs and hauled them up. At least we can try to leave some water up here for day hikers or if someone rolls in late. I am not sure it will last long or if anyone else will do it but we try to be nice.



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