Friday, September 16, 2005

Eagle's Nest Shelter 16Sep05 Day 92

I am absolutely exhausted. Today was supposed to be a low mileage day at only 15 miles yet it felt closer to 20 miles. I think I am due for a zero. I am trying to hold out until Duncannon as that is THE place to go and my bounce box should be there. Hopefully I can hop on the internet and load up more journal entries.

Today was another hot, humid day yet every once in a while a cool breeze would pass. It felt like the cold front was at war with the tropical strom. Supposedly it will cool off in the next few days. I hope something happens to improve the water situation. This shelter's spring was almost completely dry. Only small pools of water to dip from.

I managed to avoid eating in Port Clinton but I did get a lift to the large outfitters in an effort to replave my leaking platypus. No such luck, they didn't have any. I did get foot cream for my cracked heels and a free pepsi with ice cream. I later heard about the good eats at the hotel in Port Clinton and felt bad that I missed it. I will have to go back sometime and hit all the places I missed like this place and White House Landing to name a few.



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