Saturday, September 17, 2005

501 Shelter 17Sep05 Day 93

The more miles I did today, the worse the rocks seemed to get. The first 6 miles went quite fast in 2 hours but I started soing slower and slower after that. For some reason, the trail seemed out to get me and my feet found every bad spot to step. This is all in my head. Although my feet are very sore, the trail was no worse than it was several days ago. I feel that I am just in need of a rest and today's exhaustion is just cumulative exhaustion. I still made quite good time on the last 9 miles but I was in pain. I did get to the shelter by 2:00 so I had plenty of tme ti rest, have a cold shower and rinse out my smelly bandana's. This shelter is close to the road so we ordered pizza. Bad Cheese's parents came to visit so we also had salad with supper and ice cream for dessert. Rocky road in celebration of the rocks of Pennsylvania. Bad Cheese told us the great news that Stale Crackers had proposed to her. She had withheld it since NJ but we forgive her and are happy for them both. I also found out from the register that Rooster has decided to get off but Bouie will keep going. I think the long miles they were trying to do did him in. He was just not having fun anymore. Oh well.



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