Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Allentown Shelter 14Sep05 Day90

It is always hard to leave town in the morning after an overnight. Today was no exception. We eventually got moving in order to get 17 miles done before sunset. It was also overcast so we wanted to get going while it was cool. The sun came and went most of the day. The rocks today were much worse than yesterday but at least there were some long clear stretches to make up time on. I was glad to get to the shelter to rest my poor, sore feet. The walk down to the spring was long and steep but when you need water, you go to where it is. I got back to the shelter just as it was starting to rain. All the water I would need was I had already filled up. I at least could clean up some which was nice because I was just dripping in sweat from the walk back up from the water.

The rocks here are brutal and make the hiking long and difficult. More so that it should be. Some days I swear that the trail was built by people who don't hike so they send us over crazy areas. Other days I swear it was designed by disgruntled hikers who can't finish a thru-hike so they want to discourage others.



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