Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Palmerton 13Sep05 Day 89

I was aiming to do about 17 miles and they went very slowly or at least seemed to go slowly. The rocks were brutal and slowed me down. I did run into some weekend hikers who had just finished and they fed me, gave me a beer, and tried to give me there extra food. I took some of it but only what I thought I would use. It was a hot day and the beer wnet right to my head.

The last 5 miles went over a devastated area. Due to metal minin, there were few trees and they were stunted. It was eerie and hot due to very little tree cover. The climb down into the gap was brutal. Bad Cheese, Stale Crackers and I hitched into Palmerton to shower and do laundry then try to get out to the 1 mile shelter. That didn't happen as the guy who picked us up invited us over for supper.



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