Monday, September 12, 2005

Leroy Smith Shelter 12Sep05 Day88

Although my bounce box was still not in at the post office, I decided I needed to keep going before Igot too lazy. Turns out the box was at Pawling NY so I asked them to forward it to Duncannon. It should be there when I get there but I have beaten the post office in the past.

Since I only had 5 miles to hike, I decided to hike in something special for the people I knew were going to be at this shelter. The dilema was what to bring. I didn't want to spend a lot or carry anything heavy. I finally decided on apples. They were a big hit. Although at this point, Bad Cheese and Stale Crackers (aka Harry) have not rolled in so I have 3 extra apples. They were nice and tart so I may eat them tomorrow.



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