Sunday, September 25, 2005

Birch Run Shelter 25Sep05 Day101

I am finally past the halfway point and onto the second half of my journey. The terrain is not nearly as rocky and the hiking has been going relatively smoothly. I did try to do the 1/2 gallon challenge but could only eat 3 pints. I was not sick, just full. But about 10 mimutes before the first shelter after ~4 miels, my intestines let me know they were quite unhappy. I did manage to but out 18 miles today, relatively pain-free. Tomorrow I will be close to the PA-MD border. This is where the 4 state challenge starts. I do not have it in me to do 50+ miles. But it means Harper's Ferry is very close. It has been cooling off the last few days so those thermals will be very appreciated.

The last two days have been crowded days on the trail. There are no more northbounders so we now only see day/weekend hikers. I see very few people during the week which makes travelling with people that much more special.

Someone asked me yseterday what I missed the most. I didn't really have a good answer then but after thinking about it I decided it was music. Followed closely by movies. I have been reading a lot so I can't say I miss books unless I am between books. I finished "The Eight" yesterday. While it wass a very good read, I was rather disappointed by the ending. Oh well.



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