Friday, August 05, 2005

Trapper John Shelter 5Aug05 Day50

The hiking has become a little bit boring now that I am out of the White Mountains. It has also become buggy again. I am not sure I should be sleeping in the shelter, especially since it is almost too warm for my sleeping bag. During the more boring sections today I decided to shake down my pack again. I think I can lose a few more pounds and if I am careful about the amount of food and water I carry, I should be able to lighten up a bit more. I think I will be replacing a few things but mostly it will be small, inexpensive purchases. I will be happier carrying a lighter pack. I think I also need to replace my boots as my toes have been hurting on the downhill sections more than usual. I also think I have a slow leak in my air mattress so that will need to be dealt with. I may have to take a zero in Hanover for two reasons. FIrst, it has been awhile since my last zero and second, I may be mailing things out and will have to wait for the post office to open Monday morning. At least there is an EMS so I can get some replacement gear if needed. I hope they have a good boot selection.



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