Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Osgood Tentsite Day 40 Tuesday

I was in Pincham Notch Visitors Center at noon so I got some lunch. I was so full that my hipbelt made my tomach ache. It also didn’t help that I was drinking a lot of water because I was thirsy. While I was at the Visitor’s Center I picked up some postcards. Hopefully I can mail them at the post office on top of Mt. Washington. The goal toda was 11 miles and tomorrow it will be 10 miles. That means up Madison, walk the ridge to Washington then push over to Lake of the Clouds Hut. I really hope they have a work for stay and that the weather is nice.

The wildcat mountains were not as bad as the nobos hyped it to be. The climb down was long but otherwise, nothing we sobos haven’t seen before in Maine. If they found it hard, they are in for a shock when they hit Maine. It did take almost 5 hours to do but I am still slow on cescents.

I managed to swap my finished book at Carter Notch Hut. They had a library of book that are the same at all huts, then a smaller selection of swap books. So I swapped out for a fantasy book by Ursula K. LeGuino. I have never read her before so I am interested in giving her a try.

Kite and Moosetacks pulled in late today after pulling about 18 miles. Seems the herd is behind them but may not show up tonight. If the weather is goo, I may try to pull out very early and push hard to stay ahead. I really don’t want to pay and I really don’t want to stay with them. I may also try to pull ahead of Kite and Moosetracks for a bit too if possible. Otherwise I may just stay with them. I realized I have some mixed feeling going on and KI am not sure whether I want company right now or just some alone time. I do get lots of alone time during the day but maybe a few quiet nights would help. In either case, I feel I really want to get away from the herd.



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