Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Glencliff 3Aug05 Day48

Today was a good day. The owner of the Hiker's Welcome Hostel happened to be in North Woodstock this morning and saw us hitching out of town. So we ended up slackpacking Mt. Moosilauke. Just Bad Cheese and I took up the offer. Since there were no daypacks available, we just clipped a nalgene to our belts and took a bag of snacks for lunch. Although it was fun and we moved faster, I was a little rushed and forgot my camera and windbreaker. So no pictures of the spectacular waterfalls as I was climbing up and I could not pause too long on the summit as it was quite windy and I was getting a chill. Mt Moosilauke was the last big challenge we will encounter for awhile.

I wasn't very hungry today for supper so tomorrow I will be going in with 5 days of food for a 2 1/2-3 day section. It must have been the pint of Ben and Jerry's I had earlier. My hiker appetite has still not kicked in. I did make some peanut butter squares using the recipe I got from Zealand hut. It was a little softer than the ones they served but they were just as good. They may have needed more icing sugar or less peanut butter. Everyone loved them.

The hostel has quite a movie collection and I find myself drawn to watching them. Which means I am still up, watching "Chronicles of Reddick" and it is midnight. I did try to parch up my boots again and I hope that holds but I will have to face facts, it is time for new footwear. The goop is only temporary and will start peeling after awhile. The side seams have given up long age. I think my feet are too wide for the boots. I may switch over to trail runners soon. It will depend on the type of terrain I start encountering now that I am out of the mountainous area.



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