Monday, August 01, 2005

Eliza Brooke Shelter 1Aug05 Day46 Monday

I didn't do many miles today, just 6. I walked to Dingle's place at Kinsman Pond tentsite. Everyone from last night was there and we all sat around wasting more time. Dingle tried to get us to stay and do bog board work, but as much as I thought it would be fun, we all moved out. The view from the summit of N. Kinsman was great as I was above the clouds. I stopped for a break with Steiner and Bad Cheese came in shortly. We all made it to Eliza Brooke shelter to the ominous rumbling of thunder. Shortly thereafter, the skies opened. Dingle called it when he predicted we would not get further than Elisa Brooke. He also gave us a trick for calling people over distances by making a foo noise. So we were fooing from the shelter. Puck called and I answered which surprised Bouie. It was neat. We all snuggled in for a nap. Shortly after waking up the skies opened up again and this time there was hail the size of marbles. Hee Haw's tent partially collapsed so he moved into the shelter. We are 7 in a 6 making it cozy. There was a camp group of 7-8 kids who also came in. They holed up in their tents but are in the shelter cooking and trying to dry out. They couldn't get the stove going but eventually it caught. Being out of the rain is good for them. The little stream we crossed is now a raging white water stream. We are 8 miles to town were we can resupply then press on to Glencliff.

I am reading "Destiny Doll" by Clifford Simack. I am almost finished. I was unsure about the book at first but it has turned into a very good read. I have been very lucky so fa. I wonder what will be my next read.



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