Tuesday, August 02, 2005

North Wookstock 2Aug05 Day47

The plan was to get to GlenCliff then resupply but I have noticed that it is hard to stick to plans on the trail, especially if other people are around. So here I am in North Wookstock, camping near a river with Puck and Bad Cheese. Steiner decided to keep going after resupplying. I now have 5 days of food to get me to Hanover. I will be stopping in Glencliff tomorrow, I think, so I can shower and do laundry. Although, we were invited for some good times at a camp ground near 25A. If it isn't too far we may push for it. It is raining right now and there was some thunder and lightening earlier. Bad Cheese had just finished seam sealing her new tent. Hows that for timing. I did manage to get more paper for my journal entries. I was worried as I was down to scrap paper I got while on Mt Washington.

After tomorrow, the terrain supposedly gets easier. For the last week or so, the elevation gain has been massive. Most of the mountains in the Whites are over 4000ft. After this the elevation scale maxs out at 3500ft, compared to 6000ft for the Whites. I will miss the hut system. As commercial and crass as they can seem, they were great and so were the croos. It makes hiking more accessible to people and lets them enjoy a beautiful area of the country. But is does increase the impact on the terrain. I think it would be fun to work at a hut over the summer.

Tomorrow is on of the last tall, hard mountains to summit and my pack will be topping at 32-35 lbs. I hope the trail will be dry in the morning, but I seriously doubt it will. I don't enen think my fly will be dry so I will have to either set up tomorrow night or hang my fly somewhere. I would like some good views, it makes the effort more satisfying.



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