Sunday, July 31, 2005

Lonesome Pond Hut 31Jul05 Day45 Sunday

Last night I was up a little later than I intended. Mostly because some people refused to go to bed. So I joined them in some stargazing. There was a spectacular shooting star that night. I also got a latter start then I would normally get but the croo was great and I really had a good time there. The 1 mile climb back up to the trail was a little tougher than I remember it being when going down. I ran into Niko, Moosetracks and Reef and they were surprised to have passed me. Since they didn't pass me again I assume they stopped somewhere in Franconia Notch.

I found out that I had just missed a large group of sobo's. They moved on to Kinsman pond to stay with Dingle and came back down for food and fun. I had the best time this night in a long time. The croo loved them so much from their last stay they let them stay in the bunks and are feeding them as well. Puck and Bouie were a part of the group as well as three other people I didn't know. We played speed scrabble and were introduced to "The Diary". Some girl had left her diary at one of the huts and it was quite the read. She wrote about her sex life, mall shopping and other side lines to her sex life. She signed her later entries "xoxo ps I love Dave". We all decided to sign our registry entries like that.



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