Saturday, July 30, 2005

Greenleaf Hut 30Jul05 Day 44 Saturday

Today was a long day. I did about 15 miles. From Zealand hut to Galehead was 7 miles and I blew through that like it was nothing. Since I was there so early I decided I had time and energy to go the 7.7 miles. It would have been fine if it also wasn't one of the roughest sections in this area. I did slightly better that 1 mile an hour. I did get to the hut before 6:00 so I had tome to relax before supper. The problem is that the hut is located in an alpine zone and it is quite cool up here. Since my arrival I have been very cold and shivering. I had most of my clothes on and will likely sleep with most of them on to stay warm. IT was worth the trip though as the croo here is really entertaining. They dressed up in costumes to entertain the guests at supper and they sang a lullaby to the few in the dining room before lights out. I do find the days longer when I stay at huts as 9:30 in lights out and 6:30 is wake up time. Since I arrived late, I will be doing a morning work rather than evening work. I prefer the envening work as it lets me leave when I want in the morning. This will be a change. This morning, the Zealand croo gave me pancakes before I leaft and I slathered them in maple syrup and wild blueberries. If there are pancakes tomorrow, I will eat the rest of the blueberries then.



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