Thursday, July 28, 2005

Mizpah Springs Hut 28Jul05 Day 42 Thursday

Today was much better weather-wise than yesterday was. I had great views from the summit of Mt. Washington. I mailed out my postcards and journal entries. I forgot to keep the last entry so I am unsure of the day of the week and the day count. Oh well.

I am staying at the huts as they have work for stay. The food is good and it is a roof overhead. I have slept on the dining tables but tonight I get a bunk. It is up in the attic area and I am sharing it with a nobo.

I think I will try for Zealand hut tomorrow. It will be a long day but I know that after Ethan Pond it flattens out. There are only a few huts left then I will have to start working on the food I am carrying.

Part of the reason for my coming out here was to try to change myself for the better. I really don't see any changes in me and I fear it may not happen. I am trying to let go and loosen up but I can't seem to do it. What was good for my career is what keeps me from letting go. I like the control and everything needs to be just so. I have to let go and be more carefree. I feel I am stifling myself but can't stop doing it.

Niko, Moosetracks and Reef are here. They opted to camp out tonight so they could dry out their tents. The weather report claims partly cloudy over the next few days. That should make for nice hiking weather if it doesn't rain.



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