Thursday, August 04, 2005

Hexacuba Shelter 4Aug05 Day49

After being told time and again how easy the next part would be, I was surprised I was not able to walk faster. The trail was mostly rock and root free but the gentle incline seemed to completely wipe me out. I think I actually preferred the steeper climbs as the summit appeared to arrive sooner. Mt Cube only comes in at 2000ft but the switchbacks kept on coming with no end in sight. I had the song "This is the Song that Never Ends" with the words changed to account for the never ending climb. The climb down was much rockier that I expected. We also seem to be in a n area with somewhat scarce water. There is water but at the shelters the water is standing pools of mosquito slime.

The sun and views on top of Mt Cube were enough to persuade me to sit up there and enjoy the day. Bad Cheese also sat up and enjoyed the day with me. This shelter is hexagonal and quite different from the standard lean-to design. Generally, the lean-to is a three walled structure with a slooping roof. This shelter has 4 of 6 walls and a roof with a peak in the middle. There are 4 sobos and 4 nobos. One of which is carrying a homemade banjo.

I am very tired right now. Although it was not a very long day, only 15 miles, I did go to bed quite late and woke up quite early. I will have to pull out some ear plugs to try to ensure a good night's sleep.

I am glad I have stayed in the habit of always doing my journal entries everynight. I have met so many people who had started doing journal entries then started putting them off until they are now quite behind. It can be a pain as it keeps me up when I could be trying to sleep but the discipline is good and it lets me remember things that happened during the day. It is almost like living the day over again. I have only forgotten to do an entry once and I did it the next morning as soon as I remembered.



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