Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Madison Spring Hut Day 41 Wednesday

Today was a really tough day. I only did 3 miles but I think they were some of the toughest I’ve done to date. It wasn’t so bad below tree line but above treeline the wind was gusting, blowing very strongly and it was raining/drizzling so the rocks were very slick and slippery. I was an emotional wreck going the last 2 miles as the wind kept knocking me off balance. The rocks being so slippery made for slow going. The mountain was also a hard climb due to the boulder field and the numerous false summits. I finally hooked up with the blue blaze and took that around the summit. Rather than continue over the summit in such horrible conditions. I was really glad to see the hut. I just sat inside and cried. Niko and Moosetracks actually continued on over Washington and in the rain. They unfortunately missed out on a great supper and an absolutely spectacular sunset. I tried to take some pics but am not sure that they will turn out. I am reeling better now that I have warmed up and have good food in me. Havening people around me has been helpful even though I don’t know them. I was really glad to have caught the sunset and have a chance to warm up. I finished “The Other Wind” by Ursula K. LeGuin. It was a very good read and was thin. I swapped it for another book here at Madison. I keep thinking I should do without the weight but I really enjoy reading. I finished it during supper. I was so hungry but had to wait for the paying guests to eat first then the staff then the thru-hikers.

I wrote some postcards today. Since there is a post office on Mt. Washington, I will get stamps and mail them tomorrow. I am not sure if I will stop at Lake of the Clouds Hut on Washington or try for the next hut 4 miles later. I would like to get away from the herd and I would like to catch up to Nico and Moosetracks. They were trying to get to Crawford today but since the weather turned nasty again later in the afternoon, they may not have made it. I think I will just go in to resupply then come back in.



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