Monday, August 08, 2005

Thistle Hill Shelter 8Aug05 Day 53

I made it to the post office this morning and posted out a few items to Rutland. My pack feels better now. I also made it to the optician who was kind enough to put in a pad for my missing one and replaced the other pad which was rather nasty. Since the hardware store was open, I filled up on fuel. I also asled if they had Tyvek sheeting that I could use as a ground sheet. They had some and just let me take a 7 foot section. This now lets me do two things, I can cowboy camp if I think the weather and bugs will be good. If not, I can set up my hammock on the ground if there are no good trees. More likely, I will sleep better on my stomach on the ground rather than on my back in the air. Seems a waste of getting a hammock if I end up setting it up on the ground but at least I have the option available.

I have my first set of blisters since Caratunk (from badly fitting sandals and road walking). So today I did about 15 miles in new footwear. I got 2 blisters on one foot and a rubbed point on the other foot. Tomorrow will be a 12 mile day to a shelter with better water. This shelter had a very dry stream bed. It was a slow trickle with some pools of water. At least the water was very good and cold. I am actually exhausted from the walk today. The hills were like rollercoasters. On some downhill sections, I actually jogged down and now my leg bones hurt from the impacts. I hope I will be okay tomorrow. I am atleast in a new state, Vermont, and feel like I am making progress. Two down and only twelve to go. I seem to be moving faster, although the new footwear will slow me down a bit.



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