Sunday, August 07, 2005

Hanover 7Aug05 Day 52

Last night a few of us just camped out near the trail as there are no hostels in town. This is a good way to save money. Hanover is a very nice town and one of the biggest towns so far on the trail. It is actually very reminiscent of Providence as there is Dartmouth University within town. There is also a co-op store that is like Eastside Marketplace. This would be a nice place to stay awhile. After living in Providence awhile, I now think that small college towns are great. There is always something happening in town. Seems that there was a Shriner's parade yesterday that we had just missed.

I managed to get to EMS courtesy of Mt. Squid who was in town with his truck. I had to get footwear as not only were the seams breaking but the part under the sole was badly cracked. I think that the boots should have been able to handle more than the 400 miles they have seen. I may have to bring them back to REI. I decided to go with Keen sandals as they fit nicely and gave me lots of toe expansion room. I hope they work out. There is another EMS about 100 miles away if I do have problems. My pack is also down to 30lbs again. I do not have a scale to verify but I did remove more unused items and have only 3 days of food. Tomorrow I will have to hit the post office to mail out. Also, since there is an optician across the street, I will try to remember to get my glasses fixed. One of the nose pads popped off at some point and although it doesn't really hurt, it does bother me sometimes when I am really sweaty. Hopefully it won't be a problem for them to fix it.

I thinkthat tomorrow will be a somewhat short mileage day. I am not sure when I will be leaving town and I will have new footwear on so it is best to just take my time, rest often and keep an eye on my feet. If all is well, I will start pushing more.



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