Monday, July 25, 2005

Carter Notch Hut Day 39 Monday

I thought I would go farter today than I did but in the end there was no point in pushing it. The weather was overcast and drizzly, my knees hurt some on the last down hill, and I was tired. I stopped at Carter Notch and did a work for stay. I swept out all 8 cabins. I also got here early enough that I finished my book. I was reading “One Door Away from Heaven” by Dean Koontz. It was a very good read. I am glad to finish so I don’t need to carry it anymore but now I am sad that I don’t have a book to read. I am torn between picking up another book or avoiding the extra weight.

I was doing some stretching today. Something I should do every day but don’t. I did notice some tightness and soreness. The next thing was that toe rises were very easy. My calves are getting quite a workout on the up hill climbs.

I amn acquiring some interesting tan lines. Sitting on top of mountain summits on very sunny days has given my ultra white legs a new colour. Unfortunately I have a sock line, a short line, and a band around the back of my knee from the bandanas. I also have a band across the back of my hands from the strap on my hiking poles, and across my forehead from the bandana. I should peel down a little on summits when I rest.

Tomorrow I will be doing the wildcat range. People say it is difficult and to expect it to take a least 5 hours. Coming down off it will also be hard. I was going to try for Osgood tomorrow so I can summit Washington the next day. Tomorrow will be long both time-wise and distance-wise. Madison will be a difficult climb the next day but it will be a ridge walk to Washington after that. I am going to try to get in and out of here early tomorrow to get to Osgood at a decent time. I also think that the herd is nearby so sites may be at a premium. Although they could have stayed at Imp, I doubt they would have pressed for Pincham.



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