Sunday, July 24, 2005

Imp Shelter Day 38 Sunday

I thought today was going to be longer but decided there was no need or point in pushing. It did mean I had to pay to stay here as there was no work for stay. Today was clear with cotton ball clouds. I could see Mount Washington from the peak today. I hope the weather holds like this so I can enjoy the Summit. It was very windy today which made for a chilly summit break. I was also very cold at camp to the point where I was in pants, long sleeves, wind breaker and socks and while in my sleeping bag. The wind has died down for the night.

The large herd behind me all decided to stay at Rattle River Lean-to and have a big party of some kind. Since no one let me in on the details I decided to press on without them. It may also increase my chances of getting a work for stay at A Hut. I do hope the rest of Rogue Squad catches up at some point because I really enjoyed traveling with them. Maybe it will happen after the whites. I am not sure if I will do a small day and go to Charter or a massive day and go to Osgood. If I press for Osgood, I will then do Washington the next day. My other option could be to Stealth Camp near Pinkham and try to stay at Madison Hut, then push over Washington.

I am still really tired from my early wake up call yesterday. Last night I was still unable to sleep and was up until 11:00 then up during the night. I was lying in my bag on the deck here at the lean-to and may have dozen off but not for long. I hope I get some sleep tonight. Tonight will be a chilly night. Almost makes me regret not bringing that fleece hat for sleeping in. I will just keep my bandana on tonight. That should help against some heat loss. I was able to dry my hammock out when I got to camp. There was no good place at the Hostel to hang it and it was quite wet from yesterday’s rain. Mostly it was the fly and with the still breeze earlier, it dries in no time. I decided against sleeping in it tonight even though I was pulling it out. I think I get a better nights sleep in the shelter as I can sleep on my stomach. It is also less stressful on my knees. The hammock sometimes makes them more sore.



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