Monday, June 06, 2005

Sweat wave

I think that it just keeps getting hotter and hotter here. I have no energy and keep moping and dragging my butt around. The heat wouldn't be too bad but it is the humidity that is killing me. It is supposed to rain tonight. I hope it helps break a little of the heat. Supposedly, Wednesday will be cooler but then the temperatures will go back up. Today was a record high, we hit 31C (88F), I'm not sure what it was with the humidex. I'm not sure I want to know what it was with the humidex.

The cat decided that the hole that he made in the screen the other day wasn't big enough. We had just covered it with duct tape and he decided to make a new hole under the old covered hole. That means the glass doors are closed again. There is just no stopping him. If I put him out, he whimps out and cries to come back in, but if no one is there, he is brave and goes out on his own. I have heard that cats hate the smell of moth balls, but then so do we. I may have to try them though.

I made it down to the border today, and the car is now undergoing importation. I had to pay some fee to line the governments coffers, and of course the fee was higher for Quebec. Quebec always has to be different. I have to bring the car in to get an inspection, which costs money, then attempt to get it licensed, more money, while the licensing bureau is on strike. I still have no valid driver's license due to this strike, yet more money. I should have got my license the first chance I had but I was trying to settle in and make sure my stuff took up the least amount of space possible. All this is makng me wonder about my burn rate. I can't be spending too much money or I will jepardize my trip. I also need to make sure I will have some money left over so I can relax a little when I get back. I bought a set of dog tags for while I am on the trail. I hope nothing happens, but if so at least I have emergency contact information on me at all times. They even had specialty tags ewith flags on them, so I picked up a Canadian flag tag.


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