Thursday, June 02, 2005

Clean car!!

It was absolutely gorgeous out today. I washed the car and gave it a wax. I think it was a little too hot, and I may have cooked the wax to the sunny side of the car. I think after cooking it on, it then melted a little as it was had to get off and didn't dust off like usual. It mostly smeared around. I wasn't able to clean the inside of the car because it still has a futon mattress in the back seat. I will have to vacuum it out later. So now I am trying to get lots of liquid inside as I got a little dry out there under the sun. I had to put the car back on the street to leave the driveway for my father. The car was covered in dust earlier from the dirt left on the road by the construction people. So I guess I was covered in dust the instant I put it back on the road. Oh well, what can you do.

After that my parents came back with stuff for the garden. The garden, at this moment, happens to be so overrun with grass, that it looks almost like the lawn. Only more bumpy. So then we began the immense task of digging up the top layer of grass and roots to get to the garden. The sun was very hot and the skeeters where out in full force. I got bit a few times. And now I really need to camel up on water.

I finally had a chance to take to the lady who may be my hiking partner. She has very little camping experience, but then many of the people who start their thru-hike also have little to no experience. She seems nice, and really wants to do this. I am not sure her motives for doing it are valid though. I don't think the trail should be a last resort weight loss program. I am sure it will work but I think that diet modification is better. You have to change how you eat otherwise, any weight loss will only be followed by more weight gain since you are still eating the same as before. Using the trail may also be bad at diet modification because you are encouraged to snack constantly on the trail to keep up energy.


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