Saturday, May 28, 2005


So today I expected to bum around the house and the weather was supposed to rainy and thunderstorms where expected. Well, it started overcast, then it cleared right up. I managed to talk to the kayak guy across the street as they were heading out. So I asked if I could tag along and they let me. They had an extra life jacket and spray skirt. I learned a few things and also that there are all kinds of clubs in the Montreal area. I expected that any city near water would have clubs so that was a given. I think I will be going to a teaching thing on wednesday to watch some techniques being taught. I would like to be able to participate in some of the learning things but I coughed hard enough today to do some damage of sorts. I now have this sharp pain in my side. My father says he gets this too. Claims it is a detached muscle, so my recovery will be longer now.

The kayaking was great today. The water was cool and refreshing. The sun was out in full force. So much so, that I got a mild burn on my arms. I had my sleeves rolled up and when I noticed that I was turning red I pulled them down. So I am pink but not painfully burnt. Good thing I had a hat on, otherwise my nose would have been beet red. I did have some trouble paddling with a stitch in my side. The actually painful part happened after we where heading back. Which was good because I am not sure I could have paddled with this pain. I had a chance to try one of their composite carbon paddles, nice but I think I really like the wooden paddles I picked up. Also, I had a chance to try one of their kayaks, and it was really sweet. I think that I am considering my kayak to be an in to the sport and if I really like it, I will sell it and get something much better. They had really nice sleek kayaks that tracked in the water very micely and they were easy to handle too. I am really jealous. And while my backup paddle is an el cheapo plastic thing that is hideous, they have really nice 200$ fiberglass ones. They are really into kayaking and have all the gear needed, and have only been at it for less than 2 years. This has been quite a day. I enjoyed my water time but could do with less side pain.


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