Saturday, June 04, 2005

So tired

Well, my bike made it out of the shed and I did put air in the tires but that was a far as my bike ride went. My father needed help compacting the dirt around the house that went in to ht eback filled hole. What a day. I was shoveling and moving clay. Not the easiest thing to do. Clay is very heavy and clumpy. And the back fill had been driven over with a back hoe so it was a little compacted. It took us all day but we did finish. We have to return the compactor tomorrow. I am not sure either of us will be camable of lifting it into the back of the car. Hopefully we will not have to do to much tomorrow. I am not sure we will be capable of moving. I didn't get any cardio work done today but my muscles sure took a beating. My back hurts and my side which hurt from before hurts a bit.

On a good note, I did get to wear my hiking boots and start the breaking in process. They also go covered in dirt and clay. I have to wash them up and waterproof them for the trail. I also still need a back and sleeping bag. The bag is supposed to be in the mail, and I need to go to MEC to look at bags. Hopefully I can get there soon. I also have to go back to the border sometime soon to finish importing the car. I think I am going to bed early tonight. I just had a nice refreshing shower about an hour ago but I will go to bed with wet hair. So what if the pillow gets a little wet, I am tired and I hope I will sleep well tonight.


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